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Full-Spectrum Doula Contract and Client Forms | Doula Handouts | Doula Templates

Full-Spectrum Doula Contract and Client Forms | Doula Handouts | Doula Templates

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This full spectrum doula bundle is complete with contracts, client intake forms, business tools and the birth plan you need for your full spectrum practice!

Keep reading for all the details and a SWEET DEAL at the end! ;)

Enjoy using all the evidence-based teaching tools and resources you have come to know and love from The Birth Work Company, now redesigned and enhanced to provide even more value and practical use to you and your clients!

*New handout versions
*Updated research info
*Updated Template Delivery Method
*Easier to edit

Now. On to the good stuff!!

Included in this bundle:

Full-Spectrum Doula Contract
Client Intake Forms
Media Release Form
Doula Evaluation Form
Complete Birth-Preferences Checklist
Killer Consult Checklist & Tracker

Each document is provided in PDF form. To make your life easier the template link to each Canva file can be found on the LAST page of each of the PDFs.

For example: The template link to the Failure to Progress handout is on page 2 of the Failure to Progress handout PDF.

I am ALWAYS happy to spend time supporting my customers with tech hiccups and misunderstandings! Please don't be afraid to reach out if you encounter any issues!

About that "sweet deal," I mentioned...

I’ve officially partnered with HoneyBook! I am delighted to share 50% off your first-year subscription when you join! >>>

HoneyBook combines tools like billing, online contracts, and client communication, which has helped me get organized and provide top-tier service at every step. It’s a game-changer for independent small business owners! Use my link for 50% off your first year.

Thank you for all your love and support!
xo - Rebekkah

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